Past Articles of Interest

Small Enterprise Bill a big hurdle

......article dated 7 March 2022...... Hindrances with new Bill, not help.... Small business...

Land Court bill to speed up land reform

.......article dated 7 March 2022......  Debate coupled to Expropriation Bill .... On the...

B-BBEE Commission calls for non-compliance penalties

......  article dated 2 February 2022  ..... Commission says transformation too slow... A...

Minister Creecy introduces Climate Change Bill

.......... article dated 2 April 2022........ Parliament gets compliance framework The Climate...

Window on Parliament    

......  article dated 2 April 2022....... Legislation in the pipeline..... (This is not an...

Zikalala renews attack on judiciary

...... editorial  dated 2 April ......        Shifting the blame for failure..... It has happened...

Copyright Bill at provincial hearings stage

......article dated 5 October 2021..... Comments on final draft called for.... The Portfolio...

A light in the night

..... editorial posted 3 March 2022...... The judiciary could be winning against the radicals.......

Parliament told mining charter policy not law

......article dated 10 December 2021...... ANC wants BEE law to replace charter   At its...

Countrywide report on expropriation reaches Parliament

 With the focus back on the original public works Expropriation Bill, a report on the countrywide public participation process has now reached Parliament, the input having now been consolidated by parliamentary staff who ventured for the first time into countrywide online public e-mail contributions and with hearings conducted by virtual input.

Minister Mantashe fails the green test once more

 .....editorial dated 12 December 2021....... Mantashe still has an eye for gas.... Always around and sniffing like a foxhound, especially when the subject of oil and gas arises, is our minister of energy, Gwede Mantashe.  Two things excite the...

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Private Security Industry Bill to become law

Minister Cele takes aim at private security industry ....article dated 10 October 2021.... Police Minister Bheki Cele’s private security industry Bill, originally drafted in 2012 but held back at the time, then sent to Parliament for further...

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PRASA still not on track

With theft and vandalism, PRASA still not on track .....article dated 10 October 2021..... Despite some good intentions and a new board and management, a read between the lines of the PRASA 2021 annual parliamentary report shows that PRASA is still...

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President refers back National Land Transport Bill

National Land Transport Bill should not diminish municipal powers On the difficult matter as to whether the National Land Transport Bill will diminish certain municipal powers or provincial powers when this and similar national legislation is...

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The good-guy bad-guy principle

The good-guy bad-guy principle The good-guy bad-guy principle has been the theme behind many a detective novel for decades, as it has been the theme in movies like Hawaii Five 0 when in 1968 detective Steve McGarett said to his partner, detective...

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Mantashe summonsed by Parliament to appear

.....articled dated 15 August 2021..... Parliament demands oversight on DMRE energy plans…... Attempting to crack open once again the mysterious world of ANC oil, gas and energy policy and the secret deals undertaken by six successive energy...

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Gas Amendment Bill changes energy horizon

.....article dated 9 September 2021..... Mantashe puts Gas Amendment Bill before Parliament....  An interminably long journey has finally come to an end with the tabling of the Gas Amendment Bill in Parliament, introduced by Minister Mantashe as...

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Is a pension fund also a distress fund? 

Treasury says pension fund Bill jumping the gun ....article dated 9 September 2021.... The argument against dis-allowing a portion of a pension fund to a members has been around for as long as the mantra that by disallowing any access at all, the...

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Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill now in a rush

.....article dated 9 September 2021...... Parliament to help in setting rules to follow..... Resuscitated  by Parliament in the light of a recent finding by the Constitutional Court (CC) regarding its wording is the Prevention and Combating of Hate...

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