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ParlyReport is produced for specialised clients based on briefings and an understanding of confidential issues involved. It is usually published on a direct, personalised and confidential system, on a fortnightly basis. Material is only transferred to our main website after 14 days for archiving and general public interest.

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Patrick McLaughlin, Editor in Chief: 082 891 7145
If number unanswered this could be due to parliamentary meeting protocols. Please leave message and your call will be responded to. Your call is important to us .

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                              Please use the e-mail contact system provided on this page and we will respond. Any such requests without company name and contact details will be ignored.  Our main interest initially will be to establish your business sector and your particular interests that need monitoring, your legislative interests and, if necessary, your compliance requirements.

Due to COVID 19 restriction, initial communications will have to be conducted by Zoom and mobile phone. We trust you will understand these limitations.


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Cape Town   South Africa

This website is Archival

If you want your publications as they come from Parliament please contact ParlyReportSA directly. All information on this site is posted two weeks after client alert reports sent out.

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