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Get detailed but easy-to-read monthly reports on the current parliamentary debate on government policy issues and legislative moves which may affect your business or industry sector.     Get ParlyReportSA monthly and be informed. 

This site only shows past material which you are free to browse with our compliments.

ParlyReportSA  reports to major business institutions and compliance departments throughout SA providing inside track information on proposed legislation and government policy intentions on issues going forward, at the same time assisting with insight into current government thinking.  ParlyReportSA places emphasis on subjects that affect the bottom line and legislation that is generally of concern to business.

All reports are in plain, simple English free of technical jargon and ‘govspeak’.  Articles cover in the main debates  in the “engine room” of Parliament, the portfolio and select committees.  Designed primarily as a monitoring services for both South African and overseas markets, ParlyReportSA is compiled by Hof Communications who have been at the service of South African business for fifteen years in this sphere of business reporting. 


Please note that this website  represents  information already passed on, past  articles being an anecdotal reference service to existing clients.    You are welcome to browse our pages for information.

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If you want your publications as they come from Parliament please contact ParlyReportSA directly. All information on this site is posted two weeks after client alert reports sent out.

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