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Get detailed but easy-to-read monthly reports on Parliamentary happenings which could affect your business or involve your industrial sector.      Get ParlyReportSA monthly.

ParlyReportSA reports to major business institutions and compliance departments throughout SA and provides inside track information on proposed legislation under debate, government policy intentions on issues going forward and at the same time provides insight into current government thinking.   Our opinions are candid and to the point.  We pick on subjects that affect the bottom line and  legislation that is of concern to business.

This website is also used as an ongoing record of past articles used for background reference for existing clients,  Our search engine covers past meetings between Parliament, government departments, SOEs and chapter 9 entities which are held in both the National Assembly and the NCOP.

All reports are precised, presented in plain English and brought to you free of ‘govspeak’. 

Designed for both South African and overseas markets, the ParlyReportSA reporting service is compiled by Hof Communications, based on parliamentary meetings and media briefings tht occur in the parliamentary precinct that we feel are of interest. This includes public submissions, draft legislation, government strategic plans and annual reporting.  Our reports summarizing events can be tailored to your specific needs.

ParlyReportSA monitors most meetings and focuses upon the economic and business essentials that apply to business.  We are aware of the compliance needs of many companies, both in terms of legislation and future government policy.  Bear in mind that Parliament, as an independent body separated from the State, is responsible for oversight of government and therefore has little to do with regulatory change or government gazettes.  .

Please note that this website represents mainly information already passed on and is an archival reference service to existing clients. You are welcome to browse our pages

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