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Marine Spatial Bill targets ocean resources…

Bill to bring order to marine economy… In the light of President Zuma’s emphasis in his recent speeches on oil and gas issues, it is important to couple this in terms of government policy with the tabling of the section 76 Marine Spatial Planning Bill (MSP Bill).  The proposals are targeted at business and industry  […]

Fresh Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill tackles Internet fraud

…  Revised Bill criminalises cybercrimes … posted 5 Aug… A new Bill designed to give powers to the State Security, Defence, Police and Telecommunications Ministers to intervene in many aspects of South Africa’s key economic, financial and labour environments and zeroing in on cybercrimes and related offences, is in debate.  It also calls upon the financial […]

Border Management Authority around the corner

SARS role at border posts being clarified …. In adopting the Border Management Authority (BMA) Bill, Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs agreed with a wording that at all future one-stop border posts, managed and administered by the envisaged agency and reporting to Department of Home Affairs (DHA), were to “facilitate” the collection of customs revenue and […]

Barnes prepares SAPO for SASSA

Modernising SAPO a culture change ….. sent to clients 27 February…. Stage by stage, Mark Barnes, Group Chief Executive Officer of South African Post Office (SAPO), appears to be reforming cultures and cleaning out “ten years of decay”, as he put it to the Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services. “The years 2017 and 2018 could […]

Hate speech remains in Hate Crimes Bill

Obsession with Facebook slows draft  ….sent to clients 15 Jan…  The highly controversial draft Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill has been published by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development for comment. Submissions are now being considered.  The Bill has been in the making for almost ten years. Whilst provisions to […]

Competition Commission gets to know LPG market

November 13, 2017

 DOE holds off on LPG regulatory changes… Sent to clients 25 Oct….In a briefing to the Portfolio Committee on Energy on the report by the Competition Commission (CC) into the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) sector, acting Director General of the Department of Energy (DOE), Tseliso Maqubela, has again told Parliament that the long-standing LPG supply shortages […]

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Parliament thrashes out debt relief Bill

November 6, 2017

Credit Regulator calls for defined debt relief…  MacDonald Netshitenzhe, of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), has told parliamentarians that his department in general endorses the call  by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) for the Minister of Trade and Industry to provide for debt relief provisions under the National Credit Act (NCA). The call will […]

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Cabinet paralyisis in times of need 

October 7, 2017

More of the same crisis… Editorial  7 October….. Every time Parliament re-opens from recess and the Cabinet goes, we seem to be saying that the next session will represent extraordinary and tumultuous times. The reality is that with South Africa lurching from one crisis to another and the taxpayer continuing to fund probably what is […]

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Parliament set for tough questioning

August 14, 2017

Editorial… …..Busy session to get some answers ….  In the absence of any move by the National Prosecuting Authority, particularly the somnambulant National Director of Public Prosecutions Shaun Abrahams whose department seems confused as to whether 100,000 leaked Gupta e-mails constitute prima facie evidence of fraud or not, it falls to a parliamentary committee in Cape […]

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Parliament embroiled in state capture

July 10, 2017

State capture emerges as a fact  … An impression might have been given recently that parliamentary meetings only occur as and when e-NCA cherry picks a meeting for the evening news on the subject of state capture.   Therefore, one might think, every parliamentary meeting is either about the SABC or Eskom, Transnet or Denel. […]

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Parliament may see delays on Mining Bill

June 16, 2017

Mining and petroleum bill to hit snags Overwhelmingly evident is the cloud hanging over the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill (MPRDA), linked inextricably to a troubled Mining Charter, some movement on the MPRDA being necessary to restore stability to the mining industry in the form of legislative clarity. Legislative clarity will also allow […]

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AARTO traffic offences bill on its way

May 29, 2017

AARTO licence demerit system studied  …. In what has been a legislative marathon, the update of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act (AARTO) has now reached a stage where Parliament has called for yet further consultation with the public. It requires on report on the situation with the e-Natis system, with provider Tasima […]

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Parliament goes into Easter recess

March 28, 2017

….editorial…. Now you see it, now you don’t ……    It has now become almost impossible to avoid the use of the time-honoured expression “politics aside” when following legislative developments in Parliament. The body politic affects most things all the time – from drafting a Bill to a government media briefing, from debating a departmental […]

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FICA Bill could meet new task force deadline

February 27, 2017

OECD money task force waiting for SA   ….sent to clients Feb 7…. Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Finance, Yunus Carrim, made it quite clear in terms of parliamentary rules that further debate on the FICA Bill aligning SA to global money laundering task force requirements are confined to the President’s reservations about the Bill’s constitutionality on the […]

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Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill invokes suspicion

February 23, 2017

Cybercrime Bill stated as invasive …sent to clients 28 Jan…   A new law to assist in enforcing South Africa’s fight against cybercrime, hacking and unlawful interception of data is about to be tabled in Parliament. As expected, the proposals are not without considerable misgivings in the private sector and involve claims that the state may […]

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Credit regulations to squeeze racketeers

January 28, 2017

Debt relief and credit under microscope … sent to clients 22 Dec 2016…. Further powers for the National Credit Regulator to regulate against reckless lending have been reaffirmed as necessary and the subject of debt relief for needy persons considered. This conclusion was the result of a series of hearings conducted by Parliament and criteria are to be […]

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Medicinal use of cannabis makes progress

January 7, 2017

Medical Innovation Bill and cannabis ..sent to clients 18 Dec… Dr Narend Singh who took over the tabling of the Private Members’ Medical Innovation Bill from the late Dr Mario Ambrosini, said that he was so impressed by the progress of the Department of Health (DHA) in their support of the use of cannabis for medical […]

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Hide and seek over R14.5bn Ikhwezi loss

December 28, 2016

Facts on Ikhwezi loss held back …sent to clients 12 Dec… In the first of several meetings of the Portfolio Committee on Energy regarding Central Energy Fund’s Ikhwezi Project, chairperson Fikile Majola has agreed with ANC MPs and Opposition members to reject the Department of Energy (DOE) report on the PetroSA impairment or write-off amounting to R14.5bn.  (more…)

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FICA Bill : Hearings on legal point

December 17, 2016

President Zuma vs Parliament on FICA Bill …..editorial……The convoluted thinking that is taking place in South Africa to avoid the consequences of the law has once again become evident in the ongoing battle between the Presidency and the Standing Committee on Finance with the return  of the Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment (FICA) Bill  by the President to Parliament […]

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Liquor licensing may have impractible conditions

November 16, 2016

DTI gets tough with age limits ...sent to clients 17 Oct…..   In what will be a tough ask, Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies has proposed a number of changes to the National Liquor Act, the most contentious being to raise the legal minimum age for purchasing liquor from 18 to 21 years of […]

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Madonsela: state capture and corruption…

November 13, 2016

says, Zuma involved in state capture..  editorial.. To those who know, the silence after a bomb goes off is quite uncanny. Like the state capture bomb. Even birdsong ceases and the world seems to halt for a few seconds.  Then as things start up again, people seem to gabble. Everybody is rushing about. Life starts up […]

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Communal Property Bill assists land reform

November 13, 2016

Reform assisted on communal property  …sent to clients 21 Oct….The tabling of the Communal Property Associations Amendment Bill could represent a major advance in bringing order to many aspects of government’s land reform policy. In essence, the Bill will ensure that householders have security of tenure and thus have the ability to raise capital before they enter […]

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NRCS hammered over port delays

November 1, 2016

NRCS admits failure to meet LOA targets …..sent to clients 16 Oct…...The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), responsible for the issuance of letters of authority (LRAs) to complete import certification of imports in respect of critical safety regulations, came under intensive fire in Parliament from MPs across all party lines. This included a warning from […]

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  • Standard Bank SA appoints ex-Treasury DG Lungisa Fuzile as CEO December 14, 2017
    Standard Bank South Africa on Thursday announced the appointment of Lungisa Fuzile as its new CEO with effect from January 15, 2018. The former director general of the National Treasury will replace Sim Tshabalala, who as recently as September 2017 took over as sole CEO at the bank. Before this, and since 2008, Tshabalala shared […]
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    The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority has appointed PSG Heritage Solutions to develop and implement a comprehensive cultural heritage plan that will protect and manage Lesotho’s rich cultural heritage during the construction and operation of Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands water project. Valued at M27-million, the project will span five years and is aimed at […]

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    Unlisted investments of PIC queried…. When asked for information on how the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) had invested its funds, Dr  Daniel Matjila, Chief Executive Officer, told parliamentarians that the most […]

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